Sophia Project

The future of photovoltaics

Sophia is the innovative solution for the support of solar panels. Its the economical, lightweight and easy-to-build solution for flat surfaces. It is available in anchored and ballasted versions. Some features:

  • Unique 15° inclination
  • Installation of 2 PV modules per bracket
  • One-man installation

Focus on sustainability

Sophia is a patented project produced by Maspi to meet the cost-effectiveness and structural requirements of the photovoltaic installation market. It is formulated with a specific Restylon - G30 compound, a structural composite technopolymer loaded with glass fibre with mechanical and physical characteristics that preserve the product throughout its life cycle. Sophia is produced by means of Restylon technology, which makes it possible to produce items with a 30% minimum percentage of recycled material. The video shows the production of the support crossbars, made with a co-injection composition of core and skin.

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