Maspi Machines


Maspi has several multistation machines that enable the production of large-scale plastic articles with savings in terms of time and energy. The machine has 6 stations that can be used in the same cycle to make up to six different plastic articles.

Multi-station molding also commonly called carousel molding, allows the simultaneous production of up to six plastic articles with even different shapes. The benefits of this system are to recover the cooling time of the articles in the machine and thus increase productivity. This type in Maspi is mainly used for co-injection molding.

Mono Station

Maspi has several mono-station plastic molding machines of different brands: Presma, Engel, Negri Bossi, and Krauss Maffei. These are machines that allow a large plastic item to be molded in series one at a time, with the capacity to make several hundred products in a single day. At Maspi these machines are used for either classic co-injection molding or mono sandwich molding.


Overmolding machines allow multiple small-medium articles to be made in a single molding cycle. This processing technique consists of two different cycles: in the first, the structure of the article is made using the first plastic material, while in the second phase the first material is coated by a second one, which usually gives more tactile comfort to the article. The video depicts the creation of brush handles in the plastic-rubber pair for the DIY market, during a single cycle 8 items are made.