The Technological Partner for excellent plastic design


Maspi operates every day following the values that have distinguished the company since its birth. The goal is to give a technological support of process for every company that wants a distinctive and quality service.

Entrepreneurial history

Maspi was born in 1978.

More than 40 years of experience have allowed us to reach a deep knowledge of plastic and of the technologies that exalt it the most, constantly advising our customers in every project to reach the best realization of their ideas.

People oriented

Maspi wants to build a long-lasting human relationship with its single customer, presenting itself as a trusted partner to be relied upon to realize a project in the plastics sector.


Maspi's transformation technologies can be used for several sectors. This characteristic allows us to have a great versality in different contexts, always guaranteeing quality, aesthetics, economy and sustainability.


Innovation for us is the tendency to always seek improvement, aiming now more than ever at the core values that today's and tomorrow's society requires. Therefore we are specializing more and more in the reuse of plastics for a second life and in an ever-increasing attention to energy and waste with the use of 4.0 technologies.


As with our customers, we want to build a relationship of trust with each of our associates and employees, creating a company that is secure both financially and in terms of work.