Industry Leader In Plastic Co-Injection Tooling Molding & Finishing

About us

Maspi is the technological partner capable of realizing with conventional and non-conventional molding techniques the design ideas of customers. The forty-year experience of the company and its technology Restylon allow Maspi to support important international companies in the field of furniture, industrial and sanitary.

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Maspi is a plastic molding company that operates with the aim of creating superior plastic products with an unconventional technology that makes its products more environmentally sustainable with the same aesthetics to traditional ones.


Maspi operates every day following the values that have distinguished the company since its birth. The aim is to give a technological process support, thanks to the use of Restylon, to every company that wants a distinctive and quality service.

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Maspi offers a complete and highly competitive service for the design and development of new products. The company has the latest molding machines on the market and a deep expertise in the plastics market.

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A company is a bit like a plant, if it grows it will become bigger, mature and lush; if not, it will not grow and slowly it will end up to disappear.


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Responsible for the future

Nowadays it is not enough just to produce well, it is also necessary to do it in a way that respects the environment and people. In this sense Maspi has evolved a lot over the years, continuously improving its technologies and the environmental impact it generates.

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