Focus on Recycled Plastic Injection Molding

In Maspi the use of recycled plastic materials and waste reduction has a key importance. Thanks to Restylon technology, there is at least 30 percent second-life material in each product. 


One of the fundamental steps in any project is the choice of material. Every different one corresponds to distinct technical and structural characteristics. For Maspi, it is imperative to use recycled material in each of its items without compromising quality. Thanks to its expertise, technology and research, in Maspi the binomial "recycled = poor quality" is definitively broken. Restylon technology, which differentiates the company on the market, makes it possible to produce items of great aesthetics without the total use of virgin material, but rather by incorporating at least 30 percent of reused material into the product.

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Recycled Material

We want to position ourselves as a successful plastic molding company for the development of recycling materials. One of the most important considerations when creating a new item is the selection of the correct recycled material and the ability to make it recyclable at the end of its life. Most of the products manufactured by Maspi already contain a high percentage of reused materials. The company's goal is to continue to work toward a value system to achieve the best possible use of recycled materials, always seeking the best existing solutions of post-industrial and post-consumer elements. 

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A Smart Factory

After an in-depth AS-IS analysis, supported by a value stream analysis, Maspi realized that it could eliminate most of the production problems and obtain up-to-date information on the progress of orders, with the installation of a software and some hardware for a complete web-based company.

This innovative system not only transforms the company from an artisanal to a semi-industrial one, but also enables constant updating of information for internal and external stakeholders. It also strengthens production efficiency and just-in-time work organization according to the guidelines of lean manufacturing.