Pioneers in co-injection moulding of plastics since 1978

A company is a bit like a plant, if it grows it will become bigger, mature and lush; if not, it will not grow and slowly it will end up to disappear.

Mario Mazzilli
CEO Maspi


The constitution of Maspi - The Unconventional Plastic Molding Company

Maspi proposes itself as a manufacturer of bathroom furniture. The first years are characterized by a strong growth but also by national and foreign competition. In order to face the market and to remain competitive, Maspi evolved with more and more innovative and performing technologies. In the first years it decides to specialize in traditional, gas label and over-moulding. Towards the beginning of the 90' it starts its expansion on foreign markets and the first researches for new technologies.


First experiments in Co-injection technology

After Germany, Italy is the European country with the largest number of companies specializing in plastic transformations (AMI Consulting, 2018). Therefore, differentiating has been a key element for growth in the market. Maspi was the first in Italy to undertake the pioneering path of Co-injection technology around the 1990s. A technique that was still not very well known and tested at the time but that had strong potentiality due to its estethic quality and recyclabe benefits. 


The growth of Co-injection

After years of experimentation, Maspi was among the very first to bring the technology to the bathroom furniture sector, producing the first shower trays and WC covers. This differentiation brought to a great advantage: the possibility to use articles made of reused material and to replace the traditional WC covers made of wood and polyester which are poorly recyclable at the end of their life. Maspi's Co-injection articles were of equal aesthetic value with the great advantage of being completely recyclable.

  • Germany becomes the biggest market for expansion.
  • Co-injection becomes the core business of Maspi's production.


Co-injection becomes the core business of Maspi production.

Maspi becomes famous in Italy and expands strongly also in the furniture sector. Maspi enters in Portugal, Switzerland, Croatia and Great Britain and USA market. Maspi counts among its customers the most important world-wide furniture houses.


The RESTYLON Co-injection Technology Brand

The expansion of Co-injection technology has led Maspi to create a brand to reinforce its image and value: "Restylon". In assonance with the word "Restyle", which can be translated as remodeling or restructuring, Restylon symbolizes at first glance its most distinctive quality: the ability to use second-life materials in the process to drastically cut CO2 emissions.


Maspi expands and becomes the undisputed leader of the Co-injection sector

Maspi expands, adding new plants and with its carousel system able to produce up to 6 items at the same time, becoming the undisputed leader of Co-injection.

This evolution and continuous improvement consolidates more and more the company's position on the market.


Maspi accelerates its digitalization by introducing MES

Maspi takes a further step forward by integrating the MES (Manufacturing Enterprise System) to the production unit. Thanks to it, the company can avoid some production problems and have updated information on the progress of orders in real time. This together with the addition of some hardware, as well as transforming the company from artisan to semi-industrial, has allowed to have constantly updated information for internal and external stakeholders, following the guidelines of "Lean Manufacturing" development.


Creation of new website and + 2000 sqm

Coming to the present and with an eye to the near future, Maspi, continuing its scale towards innovation and progress, developed a new updated website and is in the process of expanding its production unit with the creation of a new warehouse with the purchase of new machines.