Leader in plastic injection tooling molding & finishing

Maspi offers a complete and highly competitive service for the design and development of new products. The company has the latest molding machines on the market and extensive knowledge of the plastics market.

The selection and analysis of raw materials and the use of recycled materials is the foundation of the quality of the products made by the company. From this research it derives durability, competitive cost and compliance with regulations.


Maspi's machinery consists of single station and carousel machines. The Restylon Co-injection technology is our distinguishing factor of excellence.

Project analysis

Maspi's technical team will work alongside the client throughout the project to provide an engineering consulting service at every stage: from the early design, to the choice of materials and the most suitable technology.


The evolution of robotics makes it possible to cut production costs at all stages of the production process, from transformation to packaging. Maspi has the skills and the best industrial solutions.

Packaging and shipping

Transport sometimes significantly affects the final cost of the product. The choice of the most economical packaging (material, shape and size) functional to the reduction of costs, but able to preserve the integrity of the products is a service that Maspi offers to its customers and is based on an experience of international supplies.