Responsible for the future

Today it is not enough just to produce well, it is also necessary to do it in a way that respects the environment and people.

Maspi in this sense has evolved a lot during the years, continuously improving its technologies and the environmental impact it generates. Maspi is very different in the plastic moulding sector, thanks to its specialization in the use of the unconventional technology Restylon, which allows to obtain more sustainable plastic material transformations.

Use of recycled materials for CO2 reduction

10% of total energy demand generated through solar panels

Technology 4.0 for automation in the production area and waste efficiency

In the industrial transformation sector, the plastic polymeric materials are already in a favorable position with regard to low CO2 production. Compared to traditional materials such as metal or glass, they require fewer energy resources for their production, transformation and recycling.

They therefore obtain a better "LCA" (Life Cycle Assessment). However, when it comes to recovery and recycling, not all polymers have the possibility to become important products again after their first or second recovery. Most of them are reused in applications of lesser value than their first "life", making it difficult for some product sectors, which also focus on aesthetic quality, to contribute to environmental improvement.

Thanks to Maspi's research and development, competence and production processes, the binomial "recycled = poor quality" is definitely broken. First-rate technical polymers have now a second chance of use, with a high aesthetic and performance level. This is thanks to the Restylon technology that allows to avoid a total use of virgin material, which would produce a greater quantity of Co2, inserting in the product about a 30% of reused material.

In addition to a greater environmental responsibility compared to the rest of the market, Maspi has always set itself ambitious goals regarding technological advancement. Since 2020 Maspi has been using an integrated management system, classifiable as technology 4.0, which allows a better management of the production area: from the calculation of the quantity of the material used, to that of the stocks, to the progress of the works, to the pieces produced and the waste traceable to each single machine. This innovation has made it possible to take a further step towards a significant reduction in errors and waste that can be economically but also environmentally damaging to company results. For us this is a first step towards our goal of making Maspi a so-called "Smart Factory".