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Plastic a wrong communication?

Plastic is an indispensable material that today we cannot do without, due to its ductility and resistance. For this reason, it is used in numerous sectors, from the automotive sector to furniture, sanitary, electrical, etc. The conception of this material in people's minds, however, has a predominantly negative value, as it is often associated with a polluting material and harmful to the environment. 

The reality is that plastic is no more polluting than many other materials that are considered more "green". At a historical level, polypropylene was marketed and made known worldwide by Montecatini and other companies of the same group, under the name of Moplen. Starting, then, in the 1960s there was an explosion of plastic items, communicated, however, through the famous slogan "Use and Throw".  

"This communication has led plastic to a serious discredit of image, instead of exalting its characteristics," says Mario Mazzilli, owner of Maspi, working for more than forty years in the plastics industry. "As often happens in other applications, it is not the object itself that creates pollution but the use that is made of it. Plastic is indispensable in modern society, it has made the quality of life in modern society better."

Maspi already in the early 90' understands the wrong model of use of the material and becomes a pioneer in the creation of items through Co-injection molding, a technique that allows the reuse of plastic materials, thus offering a new utility to the material through recycling or reuse. This technique of plastic transformation known today under the brand name Restylon has allowed to develop technologies and products tending to energy saving with an important reduction of CO2 emissions into the environment.