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Overmolding - How are the handles of " DIY " tools made?

DIY is one of the activities that happens to every person in their lifetime, whether it's painting a wall, raking the garden or hammering a wall. For each of these jobs, the tools used play an important role in the success of the job. In this the handle of the tool must be solid, have a good grip and adherence.

There are different types of handles on the market, among them the plastic handles are particularly used, thanks to their handiness to the touch, excellent grip in the hand and durable resistance over time. But how are these items created? Through the plastic transformation process called Overmolding.

This particular technology, also called Bi or Tri Material, allows to join equal or different materials even of different colors. In this process the two materials can also be incompatible because they do not chemically join but one covers the other.

In Maspi every year millions of brush handles and rollers are produced on commission of the most important European brush group.