Plastic support for photovoltaic panels

  • YEAR

For pitched roofs MASPI has realized the INTEGRO project, a practical and functional solution, able to accommodate photovoltaic panels integrating them in a natural way on roofs with tiled or portuguese covering.

The ambitious challenge of the project was to make a bi-dimensional element, such as the photovoltaic panel, coexist with a three-dimensional structure typical of a tiled roof.

Thanks to the collaboration with innovation professionals, engineers and photovoltaic system company, it was possible to create an integrated and patented system.

The solution devised has required the creation of a specific polymer, Straclay®, developed to allow the realization of the necessary roofing tiles, with a precise thickness/weight ratio.

With Straclay® are made special tiles, able to connect with the traditional ones in refractory material on one side and with the anchoring systems of the photovoltaic panel on the other.

Thanks to the mechanical resistance of the material, it is possible to fix MASPI tiles to the crossbeams of the roof, both with screws and nails.

The material has a very high dimensional stability, a low coefficient of thermal expansion, a good thermal and acoustic insulation and an excellent UV and impact resistance. The Straclay® tiles of the Integro system are fully recyclable at the end of their life.