Shower tray

Co-injection technology for shower trays with recycled material

Shower tray
  • YEAR1997

Maspi was the first Italian company to apply Co-injection technology to bathroom furniture. This system has brought not only aesthetic and quality articles but also a more sustainable vision with the use of recycled material. The structure of these articles, in fact, is based on two components, a selected and compatible recycled material inside and a high quality Acril-Styrene compound on the surface.
The articles produced combine solidity, good appearance, good impact resistance and color stability, resisting to temperature changes (from -30°C up to +70°C).
Maspi has many shower trays in different sizes and shapes. All of them are completely recyclable at the end of their life. All are fully recyclable at the end of their lives. More information on each shower tray is available in the Download area.

*In header photo the Core and Skin division of the shower tray