MASPI offers a complete and highly competitive service for the design and the development of new products.

Deliveries: Punctuality in the deliveries, flexibility in the shipments, regularity in the raw materials, certainties in the integrity of the product at its destination are important elements of MASPI's service.

Materials: The identification and the choice of the raw material is the basis of the quality of the products manufactured by the our company. Duration, competitive price and correspondence to the regulations derive from this research.

Competitiveness: The constant research of competitiveness for the customers and their product is the basis of the service offered by MASPI.
A constant commitment that, following the course of the evolutionary trends, sometimes anticipates the customers' needs and offers hints for new functions and applications.

Automation: The evolution of robotics allows to cut production expenses in all phases of the production process, from processing to packaging. MASPI possesses both the skills and the best industrial solutions for this.

Packaging: Transportation sometimes weighs significantly upon the final cost of the product. The choice of the most economical packaging (material, shape and dimension), which is functional to the cost reduction, but is able to preserve the integrity of the products, is a service that MASPI offers to its customers and is based on an experience of International supplies.

We’re looking for new ideas!

We’re looking for new sector where we can apply our technologies, give us your ideas or your project,
we’ll check together if we can develop it and make it concrete.

We’re open to all new proposals which have innovation and eco-sustainability as their core idea, from the home to the industrial and from the automotive to the naval sector.

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