MASPI is specialized in the resolution of technical and planning problems in many
commodities sectors. For some of these, MASPI's technology meant the possibility to create an item that, otherwise, would have been unattainable.
Starting from the bathroom sector, our company has received many positive feedbacks by the side of designers, architects and engineers working in several other commodities sectors. Today MASPI offers a concrete answer in the following sectors:

Interior design
(Furnishing, Bathroom fixtures and furnishings, Garden furniture)

(Tools and equipment)

(Electrical, construction and electrical household appliances)

Alternative Energy
(Industrial and residential photovoltaic)

In the last years MASPI, aware of the environmental problems tied to energy resources, has focused its resources on the alternative energy sector (GREEN ECONOMY).
Integro and Sophia are an example of this philosophy.
The projects started with an idea then realized and brought to completion by MASPI's structure.

Other sectors are starting to appreciate the flexibility of the processes and the skills of our company. Soon new products will be launched on the market, also in other sectors which are particularly sensitive and delicate like the ones bound to disabilities.

Our company offers its free advice to any designer, architect or engineer who wish to verify the feasibility of their idea with our technology. In sectors which are significant for their innovation level, MASPI does not exclude a cooperation based on a partnership.

We’re looking for new ideas!

We’re looking for new sector where we can apply our technologies, give us your ideas or your project,
we’ll check together if we can develop it and make it concrete.

We’re open to all new proposals which have innovation and eco-sustainability as their core idea, from the home to the industrial and from the automotive to the naval sector.

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