Research & Development

Research for MASPI:
The possibility to co-inject two thermoplastic polymers allows to develop new compounds that can better combine technical and aesthetical requirements.
Innovative shapes and functions depend on the correct choice of the material and on the production technologies.
The specific design of the moulds which allows to combine two materials with different and complementary technical, mechanical and physical features produces items with a high technological content.

Development for MASPI:
MASPI has developed specific competences in various product sectors:
  • Furnishing
  • Hydrosanitary
  • DIY
  • Electrical
  • Photovoltaic
  • And high level relations in the chemical research sector for polymers.

Contradictions that often bound the realization of the most innovative products:
  • rigid but elastic;
  • high thickness but light;
  • simple, economical but beautiful;
  • are being analysed and made feasible.

The constant research and development of flexible and combined production systems, customized performance materials such as the (Starclay©, Restylon©-S, Restylon©-P), series, allow to give a solid form to architects' and designers' projects, without any compromise.

We’re looking for new ideas!

We’re looking for new sector where we can apply our technologies, give us your ideas or your project,
we’ll check together if we can develop it and make it concrete.

We’re open to all new proposals which have innovation and eco-sustainability as their core idea, from the home to the industrial and from the automotive to the naval sector.

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