MASPI is the ideal partner for companies that wish to develop projects whose components may be produced through co-injection.

Innovative products have been so far developed:
  • Switchboards, sockets, boxes, plugging panels for electrical switchboards (electrical sector)
  • Nitrogen generator retaining boxes (lab instruments)
  • Barriers and road signs (urban sector)
  • Window frames, tiles (building sector)
  • High molecular weight counterweights for washing machines (white goods sector)
New Restylon compounds were developed to satisfy self-extinguishment requirements demanded by international regulations in force.

We’re looking for new ideas!

We’re looking for new sector where we can apply our technologies, give us your ideas or your project,
we’ll check together if we can develop it and make it concrete.

We’re open to all new proposals which have innovation and eco-sustainability as their core idea, from the home to the industrial and from the automotive to the naval sector.

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