Ecology & Environment

Today it is not enough to produce well, it is also necessary to do it with respect to the environment.
MASPI's processing technologies are the most effective in this sense.
Polymeric materials are per se in velvet concerning the low production of CO2. Compared to traditional materials such as metal and glass, they require less energetic resources for their production, processing and recycle.

They thus obtain a better “LCA” (Life Cycle Assessment) in comparison with traditional materials.
Nevertheless, when talking about recovery and recycling, not all polymers can be reused as important materials after their first or second recovery.
Most of them are being reused in less refined applications compared to their "first" life, thus making it difficult, for some commodities sectors which aim also for aesthetical quality, to contribute improving the environment.

Thanks to MASPI's research and development, skills and production process, the duo "recycled = poor quality" has been definitively broken. First quality technical polymers have now a second chance to be used, at a high aesthetical and performance level.

All products made in: Starclay®, Restylon®-S, Restylon®-P, once recovered, can be brought back to life with the same original segments, adding them an additional value: the value of the respect for the environment.

During the last years MASPI, in the constant research of products inclined to preserve our planet from pollution, has studied and patented important solutions for the installation of photovoltaic modules both in civil and in industrial settings. Two innovative systems have thus been created:





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