Briefing: The preliminary analysis typical for this phase allows to establish the limits of the projects by defining also the cost boundaries.

Targets: Sometimes the starting targets (product/market) may result reductive. During the project analysis, thanks to the comparison of different experiences, new and unparalleled opportunities may arise.

Function: The analysis of the function of the item is an essential passage for the choice of the final material. The main aim is always the satisfaction of the final customer for the whole life of the product.

Co-design: “From the idea to the product” - the tight connection between the shape (Designer) and the engineering (Design engineer) is an indispensable condition for the success of the product.

Materials: The choice of a material is determined by the customers' needs and by the limits imposed by their peculiar market. Some of these limits may be represented by: sectorial regulations, functional requirements, Marketing requirements. In all these cases the material may play a strategic role.

Prototyping: The practical test of everything that has been so far assumed leads to a prototype. This one may be a simple representation of the idea (model) or a working item (prototype). In this case there is also the possibility to realize a mini-experimental production through an out-and-out mould.

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