Shape, Thickness and Ecology,
foundations for new solutions.

MASPI was founded in 1978 with the aim to become a strategic partner for designers and architects in the bathroom fixtures and furnishings sector. The primary aim was to combine requirements of quality, design and shape liberties with non-traditional transformation technologies in the sector of plastic materials. The necessity to obtain items with high thickness drove MASPI to develop a new moulding technology:


Co-injection allows to obtain items with high thickness through the use of a certain percentage of recycled material. With this aim MASPI developed and realized ad hoc compounds to satisfy specific technical requirements.

The trademarks of the following technopolymers are MASPI's patents:


MASPI cooperates with many architects, engineers and designers in important industrial sectors:

Interior design
(Furnishing, Bathroom fixtures and furnishings, Garden furniture)

(Tools and equipment)

(Electrical, construction and electrical household appliances)

Alternative Energy
(Industrial and residential photovoltaic)

Since MASPI is aware that a company's competitiveness and longevity depend on its innovation's ability, the company constantly invests in the research and development of new materials and new technologies. At present, MASPI stretches on 30.000 square metres, 8.000 of them are covered. It has in hand highly automatized equipment and production islands.

The acquired technologies (co-injection, gas assisted co-injection, overmoulding), combined with the realized compounds, have allowed many European and overseas customers to obtain creative solutions in line with the shape and contents requirements requested by their markets.

The attention of the environmental impact is one of MASPI's features.
The items produced by MASPI are realized with structural composite technopolymers with varying section and are completely recyclable. They are themselves made by recycled material.

We’re looking for new ideas!

We’re looking for new sector where we can apply our technologies, give us your ideas or your project,
we’ll check together if we can develop it and make it concrete.

We’re open to all new proposals which have innovation and eco-sustainability as their core idea, from the home to the industrial and from the automotive to the naval sector.

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